ProAV1™ ProAV2™ M U LT I-M E D I A D I  The Radial ProAV1 is a single channel passive direct box designed specifi cally for the audio 
video professional where ‘Swiss Army knife’ connectivity is required to meet on-the-fl y
demands of AV rentals and installations.
A high performance custom-wound transformer is employed that converts the impedance and
balances the line while providing exceptional common-mode rejection. The transformer
eliminates noise associated with ground loops. To further reduce susceptibility to noise, the
transformer is encapsulated in a nickel metal can, thus preventing RF and electromagnetic
induction. The ProAV1 is constructed with 14 gauge steel for durability, while it’s book-end
enclosure is designed to protect the switches and connectors from damage.
Input connectivity includes stereo RCA, 1/4” and 3.5mm (1/8”) for high-impedance instrument
and -10dB consumer line-level devices. All inputs may be used as thru-puts and are auto
merged to mono to reduce cable infrastructure and audio channel requirements. A +4dB XLR
input is also provided to interface professional balanced line-level signals. The output is
standard 600 Ohm mic-level for direct interconnect to mixing console mic inputs. These
features make the ProAV1 an ideal interface for portable computers, CD players, iPods and
other sound sources that must interface to PA systems alongside microphone lines.

• Great-sounding, fl exible passive DI
• High performance custom-wound transformer
• XLR, 1/4”, RCA and 3.5mm inputs
• Built-in stereo to mono merge function
• -15dB PAD for wide range of input levels
• Transformer isolation eliminates ground loops
• Converts hi-Z consumer to low-Z mic-level
• Connect a stereo source to a mono channel
• Unbalanced audio from CDs, laptop, VCRs
• Balanced +4dB audio sources (ProAV1 only)
Cool stuff
• Like a Swiss Army knife for A/V systems
• Completely passive, no power needed
• Ultra-tough 14 gauge steel enclosure
• 3 year transferable warranty
RCA -10dB stereo input can be used
with CD players, tape decks, VCRs,
etc. A second set of RCA jacks can be
used as a thru-put.
3.5mm TRS -10dB stereo input
connects PC sound cards and
headphone jacks.
-15 dB PAD reduces input level from
high output devices like CD players
and headphone outputs.
XLR OUTPUT balanced 600Ω miclevel to drive long cables run through
snakes & studio patch bays.
standard connection for bass, guitar
and keyboard.
GROUND LIFT disconnects the ground
path at the XLR output.
XLR LINE INPUT +4dB connection for
professional audio sources with side
mounted defeat switch.
14-GAUGE STEEL welded I-beam
enclosure makes it impossible to
torque the PC board. Eliminates cold
solder joints.
MU-METAL SHIELD for protection
against radio frequency and electromagnet interference.
RADIAL TRANSFORMERS for distortion-free signal transfer and 100%
isolation from ground loop hum.
protective zone around the jacks and
Use just like a straight ahead DI for
mono instruments like guitar and bass.
Parallel thru-put connects on-stage amp.
Use RCA inputs with stereo audio device
and save on mixer strips. Use the XLR line
input with balanced +4dB pro audio devices.
The ProAV2 packs in a second channel with
its own transformer in the same sized enclosure for true stereo or dual mono operation.

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