Diego's Corner BLOG no. 1 - Universal Audio Console Software Pro tools set up.

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Today I will be discussing Universal Audio's Console software. In particular how to set it up so it recognizes ProTools as you're DAW.

Here's an illustration of the Console main window and what each section is.


Universal Audio's Console’s design has a lot of cool productive features. Aside from the fact that it allows you to control the physical controls on any universal audio interface via the software, it also allows you to track and record in your DAW with zero latency, using Universal Audio's amazing sounding plug in architecture and real time processing. This feature is very important as artist should have a zero latency headphone mix while they are recording. Latency can be very distracting and uncomfortable, and will cause timing issues with your recordings, aside from the fact that it will upset your artists.

First step.

Once you get your Apollo interface, you will be asked to download the Console software. Its important that you research which version of the console software is compatible with your set up (OS), and confirm that is compatible.

Once installed, and your Console software has recognized your computer and DAW, you should set the Console up to recognize your ProTools software. This is achieved by going to the ”console settings” under the “Core audio” menu.

See image below.


Here you will select the following under the following menus.

                MODE                   - DEFAULT

                I/O PRESETS       - AUTOMATIC

                # INPUTS             – 32(PT MODE)

                # OUTPUTS         – 36


That's pretty much it. ProTools should now work flawlessly with Console in the background.


Next week I will be discussing how to set up Console so it will send a headphone/cue mix to your artists with effects like reverb, delay etc., and zero latency!

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