sE Electronics Rupert Neve RNT Multi-pattern Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

Developed in close collaboration with pioneering designer Rupert Neve, the flagship sE Electronics RNT is a large-diaphragm, multi-pattern tube condenser microphone, which promises to bring the larger-than-life sounds of classic studio tube microphones into the modern age, capturing vocals and instruments with enhanced depth and sonic clarity.

The RNT microphone features a handcrafted, gold-sputtered, 1" true-condenser, dual-diaphragm capsule, individually tuned in the company's factory to deliver a natural sound. The first active stage includes a hand-selected, low-noise ECC82 tube housed within the microphone chassis and optimized for driving the mic's first custom-made Rupert Neve Designs output transformer. The microphone's all-metal construction provides efficient rejection of electrical interference and noise, and its high-quality finish offers protection against damage from normal use or aging.

The floor box (power supply) houses a second, custom-made Rupert Neve Designs output transformer, built around the same custom op-amps used in Rupert Neve Designs' flagship 5088 recording console, and known for its pristine transparency and large headroom. The box features a nine-position polar pattern switch, which enables you to choose between omnidirectional, cardioid, figure-8, or positions in-between to optimize the pickup of the desired sound source while controlling ambient sound and minimizing unwanted signal bleed.

The Microphone utilizes fully discrete, Class-A electronics throughout both of its active stages. It offers three switchable stages of active gain with 24 dB of extended dynamic range, ideal for recording delicate ambiences or close-miking loud instruments and voices. Two switchable, active low-cut filters at 40 and 80 Hz help reduce unwanted rumble or compensate for proximity effect.

The RNT includes an 8-pin cable to connect the mic to the floor box, a custom shockmount, a wooden microphone box, and a flight case.

RNT Microphone

Handcrafted, Gold-Sputtered 1" True Condenser Capsule

  • sE's flagship capsule with refined electrode design delivers a natural sound
  • Handcrafted and individually tuned in the company's factory

Nine Selectable Polar Patterns

  • Precisely-tuned dual-diaphragm capsule design with omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8 polar patterns, plus three steps between each
  • Allows you to choose the perfect setting for every application
  • Minimize unwanted signal bleed with ease

Hand-Selected ECC82 Tube & Custom Rupert Neve Designs Audio Transformer

  • Each microphone-grade tube is carefully selected and pre-tested in house
  • Produce vivid realism and depth in recordings
  • Unique tube circuit design optimized for driving the mic's custom-built Rupert Neve Designs first output transformer

Handcrafted Metal Housing with Premium Finish

  • All-metal construction built with highest attention to detail
  • Efficient rejection of electrical interference and noise
  • High-quality finish ensures a great look for many years

Floor Box (Power Supply)

Second Custom-Built Rupert Neve Designs Audio Transformer

  • Transformer designed for sweet, musical performance and flawless isolation
  • Provides the legendary sonic character of Rupert Neve's transformers

Custom-Made, Discrete Class-A Rupert Neve Designs Amplification

  • Delivers the sonic character and performance expected from one of the world's most prized recording equipment
  • Utilizes the same operational amplifiers found in Rupert Neve Designs' flagship 5088 console
  • Discrete op-amps ensure large headroom, ultra-wide bandwidth, and zero crossover distortion

Active Gain Stage with Three Switchable Levels

  • Provides 24 dB of extended dynamic range for a wide range of applications (-12 / 0 / +12 dB)
  • Discrete Rupert Neve Designs op-amp cards ensure pristine performance
  • Suitable for every type of recording from capturing delicate ambience to close-miking loud instruments and voices

Two Switchable Active Low-Cut Filters

  • Switchable 80 and 40 Hz low-cut filters
  • Reduce unwanted rumble or foot-fall noise, or compensate for proximity effect
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