Meet Duet 3: Apogee’s Next Gen Desktop Audio Interface

When the original Apogee Duet audio interface was released more than a decade ago, it quickly became a favorite among musicians, producers and engineers. It was professional, personal and portable — and played a part in making independent production more accessible. Now, Apogee is releasing Duet 3, which raises the company’s already high bar for sound quality, elegant design and effortless ease of use.

With an aluminium body, sleek, low-profile scratch-resistant glass, and precision-balanced backlit knob — Duet 3 discreetly slots into just about any workflow. The interface is the perfect companion for creative professionals, and while it will look great on your desk, it has also been developed to survive on-the-go creation.

Aesthetics aside, how will it sound? Duet 3 has onboard hardware digital signal processors (DSP) that power the Symphony ECS Channel strip for zero-latency recording with FX. The ECS Channel Strip has been tuned by legendary engineer Bob Clearmountain, so you can dial a tasteful tone straight off the bat.

The Duet 3 will also have the brand’s best-in-class AD/DA conversion and a pair of its mic preamps in a 2-In, 4-Out configuration. While it has been optimized for Logic Pro, the Apogee Duet 3 will be compatible with all popular digital audio workstations.

The Duet 3 will be available in July 2021 for shipping. Pre-Order Yours Today!

Apogee Duet 3 ($599)

Apogee Duet Dock for Duet 3 ($149)

Apogee Duet 3 + Duet Dock Bundle ($748)

Other great Apogee Duet 3 Bundles can be found HERE.

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