SSL UV EQ and SiX Channel: New 500-Series Analog Modules

The legendary British audio brand Solid State Logic (SSL) has turned its attention to 500-series modules. The Oxford, England-based firm is adding two new modules to its collection. The UV EQ and SiX CH, derived from its Fusion stereo analog processor and SiX compact analog mixer, join the G-Comp Bus Compressor, E-EQ, E-Dynamics and VHD+ Pre 500-series modules. The VHD+ Pre module sees the addition of front and rear inputs with 4 impedance selections. Furthermore, the entire line gets a uniform brushed steel facelift.

The UV EQ module comes from the minimum phase-shift Violet stereo EQ section of the SSL Fusion analog stereo processor. It takes the equalizer design further by adding two dedicated mid-bands with precision Focus mode. The EQ is described as “musical and intuitive, designed to quickly dial in the sound of your mix, sub groups and individual instruments.”

The SiX Channel is a single-width 500 Series channel strip with the SuperAnalogue™ processing features found in SSL’s compact SiX console. These features include the microphone preamp, low and high frequency EQ, and the single knob compressor. The SiX Channel is also a way of adding additional Mic/Line inputs to any professional audio device, or create a modular summing mixer in 500 Series format.

Lastly, the VHD+ Pre module now has front and rear inputs with four different impedance selections. This increases its versatility as a mic preamp and DI unit for microphones and instruments. It’s still based on the SSL SuperAnalogue™ recording path and includes the switchable Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) analog harmonic distortion generator.

Price and availability

The UltraViolet Stereo EQ (UV-EQ) 500 Series Module is available priced at $1299.

The SiX Channel (SiX CH) 500 Series Module is available priced at $399.

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