Universal Audio Reveals First Guitar Pedals with the UAFX Series

Universal Audio, after launching a cryptic teaser onto its social platforms last week, has officially announced its first foray into the world of guitar effects with the UAFX pedal series.

The series consists of three pedals: the Golden Reverberator, Starlight Echo Station and the Astra Modulation Machine. These pay homage to classic guitar effects and operate on UA’s own dual-processor UAFX engine.

Each pedal offers three different sounds, additional downloadable effects, stereo operation and a robust construction that’s “built to last decades”. Here’s a first look:

Golden Reverberator
The Golden Reverberator packs three reverb sounds: Spring 65, Plate 140, and
Hall 224. These are likely to be based on the tube-driven spring reverb found on a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb, the Lexicon 224 and the EMT 140 plate reverb. Controls on the pedal include standard reverb parameters – decay, pre-delay and mix – along with modulation controls that let you add slight fluctuations in tone.

Starlight Echo Station
UA offers its take on classic hardware delays in the Starlight Echo Station. Tape EP-III (likely an emulation of the Echoplex EP-3), Analog DMM (presumably an EHX Deluxe Memory Man model) and Precision modes emulate iconic delays from the past 60 years. Additionally you get to finesse your delay with controls for tape wear, modulation and preamp color.

Astra Modulation Machine
The Astra Modulation Machine stars a spacey studio flanger inspired by hardware from the 1970s, a gritty and warm bucket-brigade chorus and an optical tube tremolo. On top of that, you also get secondary modes for a vibrato, doubler and more.

Other Features:
Each pedal offers stereo 1/4” inputs and outputs, as well as selectable buffered/true bypass, optional reverb/delay tails and silent switching. The foot switches allow you to have an active effect, as well as a favorite preset stored for instant recall.

UA also announced that it intends to expand each pedal with downloadable effects in the future. Transfers will be done through a USB connector located on the top.

Universal Audio made a huge impact in the guitar world in 2018 with OX, its reactive load box with cabinet, mic and speaker modeling, designed for high quality guitar recording.

Pricing and Availability:
The UAFX pedals are set to launch in Spring 2021 with a price tag of $399 each.

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