Studio Installations

ScitScat Music has qualified and trained Studio Engineers. We design, build, and install professional and home studios in the lower 48 states. No Studio is too big or too small for us to handle.

We design and build acoustics for home, studio, office, church, bedroom, or theater. Our acoustic treatments are handmade and designed by us, music professionals.

We have all of the top Professional Studio Brands and Home Theater Brands, to make your home and studio sound like the Hit Factory!

We deal in hand-made acoustical room treatments by Pros for Pros. We also carry Auralex and Primacoustic, so you can choose your design down to the last detail.

No matter the size, the style, the music preference. We have designs for Vocal Booths, Studio Control Rooms, Instrument Rooms, and much much more! If you have questions or need a quote, feel free to give us a call or click below to get started!

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Installation Checklist:
  1. Formulate wiring plan based on customer needs and workflow.
  2. Discuss wire management for facility (cable troughs, conduit runs, etc.) If architect is involved, pre-construction planning is possible.
  3. Make recommendations on materials (patchbays, cable, connectors, mic panels) for install.
  4. Formulate estimate of materials & installation labor.
  5. Schedule time to fabricate and install wiring and components.
  6. Perform Installation.
  7. Full test of installed system.

Finance Your Equipment

Scitscat Music has partnered with Synchrony Financial® to provide our customers with special financing offers for Studio Installation Projects. To see if you qualify, apply today!

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