New Best Service ERA II Vocal Codex - MAC/PC Software (Download/Activation Card)

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This item is shipped as a download card with a serial code and instructions to retrieve and authenticate your software online. We will mail out the download/activation card after purchase via USPS First Class Mail. This product is delivered electronicaERA II Vocal Codex from Best Service is a virtual instrument that offers an extensive library of authentic-sounding, medieval solo singing voices recorded with exceptional sound quality. For composers, producers, and sound designers, the software brings the moods and sound aesthetics of the medieval bygone times to the production environment of the digital audio workstation, and is well suited for films, documentaries, video games, and music projects.

Created by Eduardo Tarilonte, the library includes 14,000 individual samples of one female singer and two male singers performing in four distinctive vocal styles. The voices are close-miked and recorded dry to capture all the nuances, and allow users to add their reverb of choice. The library also contains 30 sonic landscapes with atmospheric sounds.

The easy-to-use interface of the Engine 2.5 player facilitates working with the library and provides a fast and simple workflow designed to inspire and enhance musicians' creativity. The Engine 2.5 lets you play multi-samples with dynamic layers, various articulations, and five, true-legato vowels.

Features Detailed samples of one female voice and two male voices – 14,000 samples / 8.5GB Five true legato vowels: A, E, I, O, U Words and phrases Best Service Engine 2.5 sample player included The Voices Celtia
  • A charming, soft, and ethereal female voice with an enchanting Celtic feel – featuring Celica Soldream
  • A powerful and earthy female voice perfect for epic yet emotional music – featuring Celica Soldream
Medieval Tenor
  • An exquisite and elegant male voice perfect for solo and sacred-ritual passages – featuring Víctor Sordo
  • A fascinating and delicate male voice, perfect for gentle and ancient music – featuring Iván López
Engine 2.5 User Interface Soundscapes
  • Includes 30 inspiring soundscapes with atmospheric sounds
Recording Quality
  • Recorded at Eldana Studio, located in Dueñas, Spain, using a U47 Kahayan microphone through an API preamp, and a Kahayan Epsilon I analog summing bus

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