New Flux BitterSweet Pro Software - (Download/Activation Card)

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BitterSweet Pro is the result of the improved algorithms found in Flux’s acclaimed transient processor freeware (BitterSweet), that has been used by hundreds of thousands of users all over the world.

One of the main features of BitterSweet Pro is the Frequency Dependent Transient algorithm that provides the ability to process only a certain part of the frequency spectrum. It acts like a dynamic equalizer driven by Transients and/or Sustain.

What is a Transient Designer?

A Transient Designer is in its basic form a tool to manipulate the attack and/or sustain portion of a sound source.

Common Applications:

Make your drums cut through the mix, sound punchy, alive and have energy to drive a song by increasing the amplitude of their transients directly on tracks or soften transients to make a kit sound more roomy.

Increase your sustain on your guitar or bass with Bittersweet Pro. You can also set a frequency range to enact this process and extend low-end frequencies in a Rock driven track for example.

Flavour your room mics, increase the apparent size with sustain, enhance and excite the ambience with transient attack, and virtualise reflective materials at selective frequencies.


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows WindowsWaves SoundGrid Waves SoundGrid
Formats : AAX NativeAAX DSPAudioSuiteAudio-UnitVSTVST3
Protection Type
an iLok Dongle is required

    Product Features

    • Frequency Dependent Transient and Sustain Amplification/Attentuation
    • Independent Transient or Sustain Processing
    • Mid/Side Processing
    • Lookahead
    • Adavanced features via the 'Geek' panel.
    • Soft Clipper
    • A/B morphing
    • Preset Manager


    OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows WindowsWaves SoundGrid Waves SoundGrid
    Formats : AAX NativeAAX DSPAudioSuiteAudio-UnitVST

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