New Black Lion Audio Seventeen FET Limiting Amplifier | A Different Interpretation of 1176-Style Compression

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The Black Lion Audio Seventeen is a single-channel, solid-state FET compressor co-designed with Tobias Lindell to provide a different interpretation of 1176-style compression for audio engineers, musicians, and producers in mobile-recording rigs and home, project, and commercial studios.

It offers a blend of precision and pronounced low frequencies due to an IC-based input stage and a custom output transformer. Use it on mono sources such as a vocal or link it with a second Seventeen compressor for dynamic control of stereo signals such as drum overheads.

Standard controls including input and output levels, ratio, attack, and release are readily available. Additionally, a switchable sidechain high-pass filter, independently selectable high- and low-pass filters, and a dry/wet mix knob deliver versatile control and tonal shaping. Input and output connectivity is offered via balanced XLR 3-pin jacks.

The Seventeen was designed, engineered, assembled, and tested in the USA.

  • Single channel compressor/limiter supports stereo linking with two units
  • Designed in conjunction with Tobias Lindell as re-envisioning of 1176-style compression
  • IC-based front end delivers detail and nuance
  • Enhanced low frequencies via custom, made-in-Chicago output transformer
  • Low noise due to proprietary power decoupling
  • High-grade Nichicon signal capacitors
  • Switchable sidechain high-pass filter with five positions—Off, 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 300 Hz, or 400 Hz
  • Selectable high-pass filter at 100 Hz
  • Selectable low-pass filter at 10 kHz
  • Dry/wet mix control for easy parallel compression
  • Ratio options include 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, or any combination of those
  • Fixed threshold with adjustable input, output, attack, and release
  • Classic-style VU meter

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