Gator Cases Waterproof Case for Handheld Wired Microphones (16 Mics, Black)

Sale price$199.99


Styled in black, the Gator Cases GM-16-MIC-WP microphone case is designed to securely hold and protect 16 handheld wired microphones and related accessories for musicians and audio engineers on the go. Lightweight (at 9.5 lb) and waterproof, the case boasts IP67, ATA-300, and Mil-STD-810F certifications, making it well equipped to withstand the rigors of live sound and remote recording applications.

The heavy-duty case is constructed from injection-molded NK-7 resin and is impact-, water-, and dust-proof. Foam insert provides cushioning and support for your microphones. The case utilizes an easy-release Powerclaw latching system that provides a secure seal. A soft-grip handle supplies a comfortable feel when carrying the unit between locations. The GM-16-MIC-WP features case holes, which may be used for installing user-supplied padlocks.

  • Heavy-duty case holds up to 16 handheld microphones and related accessories
  • Waterproof and dustproof with IP67 certification
  • Mil-STD-810F immersion test certified
  • ATA-300 certified for airline shipping
  • Lightweight and impact-proof, injection-molded NK-7 resin shell
  • Easy-release Powerclaw latching system
  • Comfortable soft-grip carry handle
  • Padlock-compatible design

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