New UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain Professional DJ Software MAC OS (Download/Activation Card)

Sale price$199.00



UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain is a professional DJ Software application with all the Entertainment Features you need: delight your audience with Videos, Slideshows, Visual Effects, and Live-Text while playing your guests’ favorite songs.Use your favorite MIDI Controller to mix your music, set up some Microphones to make announcements, and even connect UltraMixer to the MADRIX Lighting Control Software. The Remote App for Smartphones gives you control over your Players while enjoying a short break from your Laptop.Multitasking Abilities: synchronize and blend your music automatically between 4 Players while adding Cue Points and Effects, pre-listening to songs, or loading titles to your Playlists. You can even integrate your audience with the help of a Live-Camera or make announcements by showing “Live-Text” on a flat-screen or a video wall.

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