New Zynaptiq - ZAP IV Bundle | AAX/AU/VST (Download/Activation Card)

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Version 4 of the ZAP Bundle combines all eleven of our critically acclaimed plugins into a single, value-packed processing suite. Create, master, transform and repair your audio with award-winning quality - add the future of audio processing to your toolkit now with ZAP IV - The Zynaptiq Audio Processors Bundle, Version 4!


  • UNVEIL: De-Reverberation & Signal Focusing Processor.
  • Boost or suppress reverb in your recordings, and fine-tune overall clarity, with award-winning quality.
  • UNFILTER: Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearization.
    Remove resonances, roll-offs, comb-filtering and solve any other type of EQ problem including mastering applications automatically, with award-winning precision and quality.
  • UNCHIRP: Codec Artifact Removal & Transient Retrieval.
    Restore audio compromised by poor encoding, and add clarity, definition and punch to your recordings.
  • PITCHMAP: Re-Write Mixed Music In Real-Time.
    Change the harmonies and melodies of polyphonic recordings, samples, loops, or even full mixes on the fly, while correcting tuning and suppressing individual sounds based on their pitch at the same time.
  • PITCHMAP::Colors: Bring COLOR To Your Sound.
  • MORPH 3 PRO: Real-Time Structural Audio Morphing.
    Apply high-end morphing algorithms to two input sounds to create a new one that has features of both – and create a whole universe of new sounds.

  • UNMIX::DRUMS: Boost Or Attenuate Drums In Mixed Music.
    Boost or cut the drums in a mix or sample frequency dependently, or add potentially illegal amounts of punch to your drum stems.
  • ADAPTIVERB: Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb.
    Arguably the most unique reverb, texture synthesizer and cross-filter available.
  • WORMHOLE: Otherworldly Audio Effects Processor.
    High-quality multi-effects processing ranging from the sublime to the extreme. Creature/robot voices, sci-fi SFX and drones, or wide, shimmering, glassy ambient guitars with pitch-shifted tails? You got it!
  • INTENSITY: Easily adds more detail, clarity, density, and perceived loudness – easily, without complex plugin chains
  • ORANGE VOCODER IV: The newest version of THE classic software vocoder with multiple algorithms and stunning audio quality

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