New Flux Analyzer Multichannel Option Software - (Download/Activation Card)

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The Pure Analyzer Multichannel provides a vast range of measurement tools for the most demanding multichannel environment. In addition to standard spectrum analyzer and metering tools, an innovative set of spectrum tools, Flux:: Nebula, presenting frequency and scope over space in a fashion never seen before. The actual analysis is then performed using a computer with a graphic card supporting OpenGL/DirectX. The system could also be coupled with a wireless transmitter to route a source test signal to the laptop to perform transfer curve measurements at different locations more conveniently. PLEASE NOTE! Pure Analyzer Multichannel is not a full product, in order to run this, the Pure Analyzer Essential is required!

Protection Type
an iLok Dongle is required

    Product Features

    • Analysis of up to 16 channels simultaneously
    • Adds Multi-Microphone support for Pure Analyzer Live
    • Unique spectrum over space scope, providing real-time visualization of the the audio content in the surround space-frequency domain.
    • Supports any type of surround configuration (4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1 etc...)
    • Power grading: color varies according to signal power
    • Dynamic grading : color varies according to signal dynamics
    • Power/dynamic grading : combines both previous modes
    • Frequency grading : color varies according to frequency
    • Inter-channel phase correlation


    OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
    Formats : Standalone Application

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