Scitscat Music - Coupon Code / Promotional Discounts

Coupon Exemptions: The following are excluded from our promotional coupons. If you're looking for a specific deal you can always give us a call at 305-595-3002 and we'll be glad to help!

  • Sale, Used, Demo, Open Box, and B-Stock Items
  • Select high-demand and new items
  • Custom systems and bundles

Some products and manufacturer’s have a Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP), it’s a policy set by certain vendors where they determine a minimum resale price for all retailers. If sold below this minimum resale price, Scitscat Music could be cut off from future sales for these brands, and in some cases it can affect the user warranty. The list of manufacturers below adhere to UPP:

  • Adam Audio
  • Amphion
  • Analog Alien
  • Apogee Electronics
  • Avid Pro Tools Software
  • Burl Audio
  • Dangerous Music
  • DPA
  • Flock Audio
  • Focal Professional
  • Genelec
  • JHS Pedals
  • Manley Labs
  • Mojave
  • Neumann
  • Ocean Way Audio
  • Rupert Neve Designs
  • Slate Brands
  • SPL
  • SSL
  • sE Electronics
  • Sennheiser
  • Telefunken (Diamond Series)
  • Universal Audio
  • ZAOR
  • and many more...

If you would like to learn more about our discount options and promo codes, give us a call today: 1-877-420-0570 / 305-595-3002!