New Best Service Galaxy X-Keys -MAC/PC Software (Download/Activation Card)

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This item is shipped as a download card with a serial code and instructions to retrieve and authenticate your software online. We will mail out the download/activation card after purchase via USPS First Class Mail. This product is delivered electronicaAvailable for download, Galaxy X-Keys is a virtual instrument powered by the included Best Service Engine 2 player. This particular virtual instrument utilizes convolution synthesis, a method wherein a sound source is "melded" with a second signal to create a hybrid, or an entirely new sound. As such, this software gives you the ability to manipulate more than 6GB of tonal samples into timbres geared toward compositional and sound-design scenarios.

X-Keys provides 515 ready-to-play instrument layers such as "Bell Artificiel" and "Aliens Passing By". However, with the engine's intuitive user interface, changing the timbre of an instrument layer—or creating a new one from the ground up—is eminently possible. X-Keys works great for score music, games, ambient, chill, soundtracks, trance, electronic music, dance, pop, progressive, or experimental. It's compatible with Mac and Windows platforms, and can operate in standalone, AU, and VST formats.

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