Gator Cases G-TOUR 10X14 PU Pop-Up Console Rack Case - 10 Space Top and 14 Space Front and Rear Rackable Audio Equipment

Sale price$999.99


The Gator G-TOUR 10X14 PU Pop-Up Console Rack Case is a slant rack case made to hold audio equipment up to 10 units (Space) on top and 14 units (Space) on the front and rear of the Case. The case is made form 9mm plywood with a solid Polypropylene exterior. It has heavy duty Zinc plated hardware and recessed handles and latches.

Mobile audio console rack with patented pop-up top loaded rack
9mm plywood construction with a solid Polypropylene exterior
Recessed latches
2 spring loaded recessed handles on each side for easy lifting to stage or truck
Heavy duty Zinc plated hardware
Reinforced stackable ball corners for protection
10U (space) top rack is mounted on a system that allows the top rack rail to "popup" using ratchet arms to achieve the proper angle of operation or store flat for easy transportation with 14U (space) front And rear rack space.
Caster board with 4" heavy duty industrial wheels, 2 that are locking
Heavy duty threaded rack rail

Compatible with;

  • Rackable equipment up to 10 space (unit) on top and 14 space on the front and rear

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