New McDSP NR800 Native Noise-Reduction v7 Plug-In AAX/VST/Mac/PC (Download/Activation Card)

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New Features in v7 include:

  • Optimization for Apple Silicon and Latest Intel Processors

  • Two activations per license / subscription

  • High definition updated user interfaces

  • New features in select products

  • Over 1500 additional presets

  • Zero Latency Algorithms

  • Double Precision Processing

  • Real Time Analyzers in AE400 Active EQ, AE600 Active EQ, Channel G Compact, Channel G, NF575 Noise Filter, ML4000 Mastering Limiter and ML8000 Advanced Limiter

  • Addition of Phase buttons on all Classic Pack plug-ins

  • New Frequency Shift Control on the DE555 De-esser and SA-2 Dialog Processor

  • New controls on FutzBox including Tuned Intensity Control, Chop and Wobble

  • New Range and Monitor control on SA-2 Dialog Processor

The NR800 Native v6 supports AAX Native, AU, VST plug-in formats and is compatible with Mac OS X.

Key Features

  • Real-time noise-reduction processor 
  • For music production, post production, and live sound
  • HPF and LPF pre-filtering
  • Eight bands with noise-reduction amount fader and noise-detection threshold marker
  • Focusable noise reduction from broad to narrow
  • Operates with no internal latency and no artifacts
  • Provide a range of smooth to aggressive noise-reduction amounts
  • Range control can be used to scale the overall noise reduction from 100% to 0% (off)
  • x2 mode doubles the amount of noise reduction across all bands
  • Response Time controls how fast the noise reduction recovers from a noise event
  • Linking control capabilities from a master (M) and linked (L) control button paradigm
  • Bias selector for snapping noise reduction gain and threshold to the input signal

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