New McDSP 6060 Ultimate Module Collection Native v7 Plug-In Bundle AAX/VST/Mac/PC (Download/Activation Card)

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New Features in v7 include:

  • Optimization for Apple Silicon and Latest Intel Processors

  • Two activations per license / subscription

  • High definition updated user interfaces

  • New features in select products

  • Over 1500 additional presets

  • Zero Latency Algorithms

  • Double Precision Processing

  • Real Time Analyzers in AE400 Active EQ, AE600 Active EQ, Channel G Compact, Channel G, NF575 Noise Filter, ML4000 Mastering Limiter and ML8000 Advanced Limiter

  • Addition of Phase buttons on all Classic Pack plug-ins

  • New Frequency Shift Control on the DE555 De-esser and SA-2 Dialog Processor

  • New controls on FutzBox including Tuned Intensity Control, Chop and Wobble

  • New Range and Monitor control on SA-2 Dialog Processor

McDSP 6060 Ultimate Module Collection Native v6 offers a collection of 30 module-based audio plug-ins designed for music production, live sound, post production, and game audio. Designed for musicians and producers looking to expand their sound palettes, it comes with a wide selection of processors such as EQ, compression, saturation, distortion, specialized filtering, dynamic range expansion, gating, and more. Custom modules include bass-optimized biasing for that larger-than-life low end, transformer-based tone-shaping circuits for high-end shine, tape simulation, and de-essing.

The 6060 Ultimate Module Collection contains updated compression algorithms not available in the 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip or the original 6030 Ultimate Compressor. Enhancements include feedback and feed-forward processing, as well as negative compression on a few select modules.

The modular design allows for up to six plug-in modules to be operated at once. Modules can be arranged in any order and swapped on the fly using the module selector panel or from the popup menu in each module. Any combination of modules can be split into two separate signal paths for parallel processing.

Key Features

  • Collection of 30 module-based audio plug-ins
  • Drag-and-drop, on-the-fly module auditioning
  • Split Mode operation for two separate parallel signal paths
  • Analog saturation modeling
  • Double-precision processing
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Native format: AAX Native, AU, VST, VST3


  • E670
  • MOO Q
  • iQ
  • E300
  • E301
  • EZ Q
  • EQ’76
  • E357
  • MEF 1
  • E404


  • C 671
  • MT2
  • iC2
  • OPTO-C3
  • OPTO-L3
  • BC-23
  • OVER EZ3
  • SST’78
  • FRG 446
  • D359

Expanders / Gates

  • iX
  • FRGX
  • EZG


  • S 671
  • MOO-D
  • D-100

More Dynamics / Specialty

  • SOS
  • BOB
  • TAPE
  • Shine
  • GC-1
  • PDQ

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