New Metric Halo MH Dirty Delay v4 Feedback Delay Plugin Software - AAX/VST/Mac/PC (Download/Activation Card)

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MH Dirty Delay from Metric Halo is a feedback delay plug-in with integrated "Character" and filters in the delay path, useful for creating vintage echo and tape-delay style sounds. But with dual delay lines, crossfeed, feedback and distortion control, the plug-in is also capable of creating rich and complex textures and patterns from any audio.

The delay is capable of adding texture and movement without the veiling and darkening of the original sound that is often associated with feedback delays. And with all the processing available in the feedback path, the results can be clean or dirty, vintage or futuristic, subtle or nasty.

  • Mono and stereo delay lines of up to 5 seconds each
  • Delay times can be set manually in milliseconds or set via note values based on tempo
  • Tempo can be slaved to host, set manually or tapped in
  • Each delay line has feedback with phase invert
  • Each delay line has crossfeed with phase invert
  • Output of each delay line can be offset in time
  • Each delay line has an independent wet/dry mix and gain
  • 2-band fully-parametric filter for shaping the delayed sound
  • MH Character in the delay path for texturizing and saturating the delayed sound
  • MH Preset Manager provides cross-platform presets

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