New HEDD HEDDphons Two Audio Evolution | AMT-Driver Headphones

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Cutting-edge engineering.

HEDDphone TWO is the culmination of three years of relentless R&D. Every aspect has been refined for an unparalleled audio experience.

Compact and durable.

An all-new mechanical design ensures not only a more compact form factor but also heightened durability. HEDDphone TWO is ready to withstand the demands of both professional studios and everyday enthusiasts.

Reimagined headband.

Our smart strap system enables you to personalize height, width, curvature, and clamping pressure, ensuring a tailor-made fit that's comfortable for prolonged use.

Made for professionals. Loved by all.

Engineered with the demands of mastering engineers, mix artists, and producers in mind, HEDDphone TWO's groundbreaking design transcends to all realms of audio enthusiasts.

“Sound is heard through space. I can feel the most private space between the headphones and our ears, a new way to carry around the mixing studio.”

machìna – Korean producer, performer and vocalist based in Tokyo and Berlin

“HEDDphone is just next level compared to all of the headphones I’ve used in the past. I’m all about clarity and comfort especially when I’m creating for long hours at home or on the road. The quality is top-notch, both physically and technically. Literally a game changer for me.”

!llmind – Grammy Award-winning Producer for Drake, Beyoncé and more.


"HEDDphone TWO is just as impressive as every other HEDD product made in Berlin! With all the newly added features it gives me that home feeling while listening to my favourite music. HEDDphone TWO provides a crystal-clear champion sound that allows me to work on music without straining my ears during long-term mix and mastering sessions. After a while, I forget I’m even wearing headphones, thanks to the new design and weight changes compared to the HEDDphone ONE."

Sascha “Busy“ Bühren

Award-winning Mastering Engineer, TrueBusyness / Berlin


Variable Velocity Transformation

VVT allows the AMT driver in the HEDDphone to achieve even frequency response across the entire audio spectrum.

Handmade in Berlin

Meticulously crafted to empower visionary producers, engineers, and audiophiles alike.

Introducing HEDDband®

An innovation like no other, HEDDband sets a new standard for comfort.

Find your fit.

We created HEDDband so that you can forget you are wearing headphones and focus on the music you’re creating, or listening to. Our unique design uses a smart strap system to adjust shape and tension and comfortably fit heads of any shape or size.

HEDD Air Motion Transformer

Our fastest driver yet.

Trusted Driver.

Our newest Air Motion Transformer driver has been reconstructed from the ground up, ensuring that every sonic detail is more vivid and lifelike than ever before.


In the box

HEDDphone TWO comes with a bespoke travel case, a spare set of ear pads, cables and adapters so you’re ready to plug in.

Everything you need. Just add sound.

Cables and connections included:

2.2m headphone cable with 6.35mm termination

2.2m balanced cable with 4.4mm termination

3-pin audio adapter – 6.35mm to 3.5mm

4-pin audio adapter – balanced 4.4mm to XLR

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