New Hertz METAL UNLIMITED RAW Pack Mac/PC Software (Download/Activation Card)

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Metal Unlimited Raw Pack is an unprocessed unique professionally recorded drums library with a lot of room for customization. This is an expansion pack for Hertz Drums, and to use this pack, you need to have Hertz Drums installed.

The only library on the market that allows you to blend raw unprocessed drum sounds with unique transient samples for every instrument using the dedicated FX fader to add just as much punch and clarity to your metal drums as you want. You can use just the raw samples alone for true-to-life drum tones, or just the FX samples to add unprecedented clarity and snap to your real or sampled drums.

A must-have pack for every sound engineer or producer.

Organized in 3 ready to use banks of presets:

  1. BASIC – 5 RAW presets

Raw, organic sounding drum samples without eq or compression perfect for your mixes or e-drums.
This is a solid foundation for a great drum mix that you can shape and tweak in YOUR OWN WAY with your favorite EQ and compression FX.

  1. METAL – 15 presets

Natural drum tones with snappy modern attack straight out of the box!

In these presets we’ve blended raw sounds with additional FX samples to make your metal drums sound huge and punchy without additional transient designers.

  1. SNAP – 5 presets – Your secret weapon under the FX fader!

Add punch and snap to any drums!

The Snap presets are essentially collections of isolated drum transients that can cut through even the densest metal mix. You can blend them with your real or virtual drums for extra punch and clarity without tons of compression to achieve your own unique drum sound.

Each instrument has 3 matched FX samples that you can combine in any configuration.

To use this pack you need to have Hertz Drums or Hertz Drums Lite.

Total download size:

1,95 GB

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