New IK Multimedia ToneX Pedal | AI Tone Modeling Multi-FX Guitar/Bass Pedal | Bundle

Sale price$399.99


This Bundle Includes:

  • Ik Multimedia ToneX Pedal
  • Instrument Cable 
  • Patch Cable
  • Capo

This is for Pre-Order, Expected Delivery Early March 2023.

TONEX Pedal lets you store and play thousands of the world’s most sought-after amps, cabs and pedals – or your own gear, modeled in minutes.

IK’s ground-breaking AI Machine Modeling technology uses a combination of a deep neural network and real guitar signals to capture every nuance of guitar and bass gear. Choose from a library of thousands of rare, one-of-a-kind amps and rigs, or use the included TONEX software to literally model your own gear at home on your computer.

Access your favorite Tone Models not only from the TONEX Pedal, but also from the free TONEX software and free TONEX iOS app. TONEX Pedal includes 480 Premium Tone Models of your choice plus unlimited access to free user Tone Models, for a limitless supply of sonic inspiration.

In addition to groundbreaking technology, TONEX Pedal gives you the tools you need to shape your sound live on stage:

AMP / RIG: load up to 300 separate Tone Models to use any time. You can load any combination of pedal, amp and whole-rig models.

VIR CABINET: use IK’s award-winning multiple impulse response VIR™ cabinet and mic simulation to pick the perfect cab for any situation.

IR LOADER: load any custom IR you like to explore combinations of Tone Models and your own impulse responses.

EFFECTS: TONEX Pedal provides an advanced noise gate, analog-modeled EQ and compressor, and stereo reverb derived from our award-winning AmpliTube X-TIME pedal.

And you can save up to 300 presets, organized within 100 banks of 3 preset slots each, giving you endless tones from a single portable rig.

Designed and crafted in Italy, TONEX Pedal features a rugged aluminum chassis for reliable performance. And 24-bit, 192 kHz processing, massively wide 5 Hz – 24 kHz response, and a whisper-quiet 123 dB noise floor, ensures your instrument’s tone is as good as you’ve ever heard it even before it hits TONEX’s incredible modeling.

Use the included TONEX software not only to model your rig, but also as a standalone or a plug-in integrated with your DAW to enjoy the exact same tone you use live in your studio productions.

Plus TONEX Pedal also doubles as a 24 bit/96 kHz USB audio interface, so you don’t need any other gear to plug into your studio, choose your tone and rock out.

  • Load and play ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps, cabs and pedals

  • Uses breakthrough AI Machine Modeling and real guitar signals for incredible results

  • Model amps, distortion, overdrive, fuzz, booster and EQ pedals

  • Exclusive VIR™ multi-IR cabinets and custom IR Loader, noise gate, EQ, compressor and stereo reverb

  • Unlimited expandability with free downloads from ToneNET

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