New Steinberg SpectraLayers PRO 11 MAC/PC Soft (Download/Activation Card)

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SpectraLayers 11 is a highly impressive release at every level. New AI-powered
algorithms deliver more instrument categories for unmixing, improved speech
processing, and more powerful noise recognition capabilities. Take advantage of
customizable process chaining and comprehensive batch processing. New editing
and workflow options include layer and channel volume envelopes, an array of
excellent selection-edge fade modifiers, more accurate transient editing, and
additional visualization options. Panels have been revised for increased
accessibility, customization, and convenience. Together these advanced
processes, tools and workflows once again raise the state of the art in spectral
audio editing for music, sound design, restoration, and repair.

Industry-leading Quality in Unmixing and Spectral Repair
• Unmix Song AI for dramatically increasing the quality of unmixing entire songs
• New Voice/Instrument Unmixing functions including Multiple Voices,
Lead/Background, Crowd Noise, Brass
• AI-driven DeClipper and DeNoiser for dramatically improving the quality of
• M/S Unmixing for splitting Stereo and Multichannel audio files into discrete
mid/side components
Dramatically improved Workflows and User Interface
• New Modules Panel to accommodate the ever-increasing number of available
• New Home Screen for quick access to recent files and further information
• Modules Chain for individual multi-process configurations across whole layers or
• Batch Processing for exporting sophisticated Module chains, including Unmixing
New Editing and Sound Refinement tools
• Volume Envelope Automation is now available for the first time in SpectraLayers
• Transient Pencil Tool for reconstruction of missing transients and applying
creative Sound Design
• Improved Multiple Layers Operations for editing and management for different
layers at once
• Time-Reverse Module for limitless Sound Design adventures

Minimum System
macOS Sonoma (14), Ventura (13),
Monterey (12), Big Sur(11)
64-bit Windows 11,
64-bit Windows 10

Dual-Core CPU (Apple Silicon
CPU recommended)
• 8 GB RAM (16GB recommended)
• 8 GB free HD space
• Minimum 1280x720 display
• OpenGL 3.3 capable graphics
•Core Audio compatible audio
hardware (Mac)
• An internet connection is required
for activation, account setup and
personal/product registration. A
download is required for the
• Dual-Core CPU (10th generation
• 8 GB RAM (16GB recommended)
• 8 GB free HD space
•Minimum 1280x720 display
•OpenGL 3.3 capable graphics
•Core Audio compatible audio
hardware (Mac)
• An internet connection is required for
activation, account setup and
personal/product registration. A
download is required for the
SpectraLayers 11 works with Steinberg Licensing only (no eLicenser


Industry-leading Quality in
Unmixing and Spectral Repair
Dramatically improved
Workflows and User Interface
Unmix Song AI
New Unmix Song AI delivers clearer, more
isolated, and more phase coherent vocal
stems, as well as improved results across all
unmixed stems. AI-powered brass unmixing
means that you can now automatically
unmix up to seven discrete instruments at
Voice and Instrument Unmixing
Improved Unmix Multiple Voices Module
Now you can benefit from the full power of
this algorithm, by manually registering (and
naming) unique speech profiles. This ability
to identify specific voices to extract serves to
focus the algorithm more squarely on the
targets. This process is just one of several
that can be used alone, or in combination, to
achieve industry-leading speech extraction.
Improved Unmix Drums Module
Apply this dedicated unmix process to the
drums layer alone to acquire clean kick,
snare, and cymbals layers. New in this
edition, now you can unmix the cymbals to
isolate the hi-hat. SpectraLayers tracks the
latest in AI-assisted processes that can
identify increasingly complex sonic events
and scenarios.
M/S Unmixing
This unique dual-mode process splits a
stereo or multichannel audio file into
discrete mid/side component layers. In the
default mode, two mono layers are derived
from the source: the mid content, and the
side content summed to a single layer. In
Expanded mode, the side content is
generated in stereo. Process M/S-decoded
content in SpectraLayers as well as in
Cubase and Nuendo in ARA mode, opening
new options for M/S processing using your
full range of plug-ins.
Unmix Crowd Noise
Use this algorithm to split a mix’s stage and
crowd aspects into independent layers. This
New Modules Panel
The user interface in SpectraLayers 11
has been redesigned to accommodate
the ever-increasing number of
processes, which are now presented as
Modules in their own dedicated panel.
Modules facilitate process design by
allowing chaining, sorting, filtering, and
saving process chains.
Modules Chain
The Modules Chain brings sophisticated
multi-process configurations to your
workflow. Modules within chains can be
programmed to operate on whole layers
or layer selections. Processes can be
diverted to other layers, and even future
layers generated and processed by the
previously assigned processes. Tweak
process controls, reposition processes in
the chain, and save your own custom
chain presets.
Compact Panels View
Click the Compact button to maximize
the horizontal spectrogram and
waveform displays. The modules on the
right of the screen are condensed into
columns of icons, but their controls
remain accessible at all times. This has
the combined effect of maximizing your
view while maintaining access to all
panel settings, including Module
Batch Processing
Batch processing has been added to
SpectraLayers 11. Simply add or drag
files into the Batch Process dialog, use
the Modules Chain to set up a single
process or process chain, choose your
export option, and then render out as
either a mixdown or as independent
layers. When you incorporate
layer-generating processes (Unmix


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