New Synchro Arts VocAlign 6 Pro Crossgrade (Download/Activation Card)

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Crossgrade from any paid Synchro Arts product not within the VocAlign product line

Advanced vocal timing and pitch-matching with creative vocal processing features like formant shifting and transpose.

What you get

Everything from VocAlign Standard

Formant Shifting

Pitch Alignment

NEW - Group Processing

NEW - Smart Pitch

NEW - Improved Sync Points

What's included

Single-use license

Digital download of VocAlign Pro for Mac and PC

System Requirements

Apple macOS
macOS 10.11 or higher

Intel Processors or Apple Silicon (M Series) Processor

AU, VST3, or AAX 64-bit host

*Apple Silicon Version of Logic does not support ARA plug-ins  more info
Microsoft Windows
Windows 10 or higher

Intel or AMD Processor

VST3, or AAX 64-bit host

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