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The Brent Mason Hot Wired v2. The only pedal versatile enough to be taken into the world’s most demanding studio environment every day… Nashville master sessions.


A lot of people think they’ve never heard of Brent Mason. We would bet that although they may not recognize the name, chances are huge that they have heard him. Brent is, without doubt, the number 1 session guitarist working out of Nashville and has been since the early 1990’s. Not only is he a legendary studio figure, but also a renowned composer and songwriter. His compositions have been used in countless films, TV shows and commercials. His solo albums, in particular “Hot Wired” (from which this pedal got its name) has become almost mythical in its reputation for guitar tone and quality of musicianship. With Brent, you will not believe it until you hear it.


Grammy inner; inducted into the Musician’s Hall of Fame; Thumbpickers Hall of Fame; multiple time winner of ACM Guitarist of the Year, Musician of the Year and countless recordings… Brent Mason is nothing short of remarkable, the best of the best. So, we built him a pedal that can be used in the worlds most demanding musical environment – The Nashville session scene.


2 completely separate circuits in one box – a lighter ‘screamer style OD with Blend control and a full roaring Plexi, you can get almost any tone from either side or when stacked up. This was designed with the man who has ears like no other…


Even being at the top of his profession for over 30 years, as a musician Brent is still developing… when he discovered he needed a little more control, we completely redesigned c1 to incorporate a blend control… nothing cuts through the mix like an OD tone with a fraction of the clean signal leaked back in.


Brian Wampler’s attention to detail and commitment to bringing you the best-sounding & most usable Effects Boxes on the market is nothing new. Those qualities are on full display within the Hot Wired v2. We’re all tone-freaks, and we’re always trying new things, but we hope this pedal finds it’s forever home on your pedalboard, so we built it to last that long.

Built on the foundations of the extremely popular v1, v2 stands alone in terms of versatility. The studio scene in Nashville has changed over the last few years, so we changed the Hot Wired to mirror the industry Brent works in. v1   was geared towards all out chickin’ pickin’ and beyond. Expanding on that, the v2 brings you a broader range of subtlety in channel 1. You can still find the chickin’ pickin’ tones, but you can also find a deeper, warmer overdrive section that will allow you to play as smooth as you like. With the added blend control, you won’t believe how fat your tone can be without it sounding too overdriven. Channel 2 still has the same “British Plexi” flavor that Brent loves.

Two pedals in one (overdrive and distortion), the Hot Wired is without doubt one of the most versatile pedals available today. One channel of the Hot Wired has all your overdrive needs, from a gentle break up to all out crunch, the other gives you dirt… Loads of fat, creamy distortion that is tonally perfect from top to bottom. If need be you can stack them both together for a huge, huge sound.

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