“One of the most unique analog delays ever made. Yields spectacular short delays and doubling effects that sit perfectly in any mix. Learn More”

                                      Universal Audio


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In this blog I will be discussing UAD’s Cooper® Time Cube Mk II plug-in.


A little history

Universal Audio COOPER TIME CUBE model no. 920-16 was created in 1971 as a delay effect to be used in motion picture and recording studio applications. It's design is based around two engines of delay measuring at 16ms and the 14ms. The unit is compact and very rugged and heavy. It also has very low distortion (70 db signal to noise ratio).

Designed by Dr. Dwane H. Cooper of university of Illinois, it consisted of a rugged gray box measuring 24 inches in height and 24 inches in width. This box contained two coiled acoustical delay lines and the attached transducers, a power supply, four Universal Audio 1109 card type amplifiers, an EQ network, it's meter and operating controls, and to stand microphone cables for connecting the chassis to the box.

This monster of a an affect weighed in at a whopping 62 pounds! It was considered by many to be one of the most unique delays ever made. A used original time Cube unit can be found on the used market for anywhere between $2000-$2500.                            

                        Courtesy of Music Technology Archives


Key features

  • Designed by Duane H. Cooper and Bill Putnam — one of the most unique delays ever made
  • All the vibe of the original, with modern feature enhancements
  • Two delay lines can be set independently and adjusted with Delay, Decay, Pan and Volume controls
  • Separately adjustable tempo sync for both A & B delay lines
  • “Coils” selection recreates the original sound of the CTC regardless of Delay setting
  • Treble and Bass tone controls, High Pass Filter, Wet Solo, and analog-style metering
  • MIMO, MISO and SISO operation (SISO is true stereo)
  • Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide 

                             Universal Audio



  • Craft delay textures with the most unique delay device ever made
  • Add intense doubling effects to thicken vocals, guitars, synths, and more
  • Adjust Tempo Sync for A & B delay lines separately for intriguing rhythmic delays
  • Expertly tweak repeats with Treble, Bass, Color, and High Pass Filter controls

                                   Universal Audio


Universal Audio does it again

Once again Universal Audio has re-created one of the most unique delays ever built. They went ahead and meticulously re-created all the details of the delays and options that this original unit included. It produces an amazing space and 3-D dimension.

If you think you might enjoy this plugging, go ahead and download the demo, install it, and play with it on a few different tracks that you may be in the process of mixing. you will soon realize the incredible space this plug-in can give your tracks!

Oh and by the way, grab it now while it's on sale on the Universal Audio website for $99. Enjoy.


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