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Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In this blog I will be discussing UAD's Tonelux Tilt EQ Plug-in.


A little history

This is an ingenious invention! Designed by Paul Wolf, who is also the main designer of the API consoles, this EQ was designed to speed up the workflow in a pre-mixing situation. It allows you to quickly EQ tracks in a quick fashion. Basically it's a one knob EQ . It offers both a low-cut/High gain, or vice versa. It also offers at the touch of a button, the option to let you gain high/low or cut Hi/low with the one knob.


Key features

  • A one knob equalizer that quickly gets your mix in shape
  • Models the entire electronic path of the Tonelux Tilt hardware designed by Paul Wolff
  • Speeds up your workflow and makes mixing more intuitive
  • Forces you to use your ears instead of your eyes when mixing
  • Smooth high and low pass filters
  • Two plug-ins included — Tonelux Tilt Live excludes analog audio transformer model to conserve DSP power
Universal Audio




    • Quickly EQ mixes with a single control
    • Speed up your workflow to make mixing more intuitive
    • Easily craft a killer headphone mix, live mix, or onstage monitor mix
    • Skillfully dial-in sounds using smooth high and low pass filters
    • Enhance synths and guitars with the Tilt’s ultra-musical transformer response
    • Run Tilt on every channel, thanks to its low DSP load

    Universal Audio


      Universal Audio does it again

      The only question that came to mind was the following. Why would I waste time working with this EQ if I already know that I need to do some cutting or boosting, or both in certain areas? Regardless, this EQ can get you going quickly in a situation where you are expected to do a rough or premix on a time constraint basis.

      The price is definitely affordable, $99. And as always remember you can download the free, full functioning demo. I do not know how efficient it is on memory and CPU, as I have not tested it. And I don't know if I will just because I like to be very efficient to my clients in my workflow. I also like to be efficient where I offer them the most for their buck getting them their productions done in a Quick but effective fashion.


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