“Released in 1980, the A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay is a unique analog  effects processor with powerful  creative features. With its array of  six bucket-brigade delays, LFO and  modulation controls, and flexible panning, it’s famous for transforming  and widening guitars, vocals, drums,  and more”

                                      *Universal Audio


Hello friends,

Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog. In this blog I will be discussing UAD's A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay Plug-in.


Key features

  • Officially licensed and approved by A/DA Signal Processors
  • Exacting circuit emulation of this hard-to-find hardware including bucket-brigade-delay distortion non-linearities
  • Six variable delay taps, each with independent stereo assignment
  • Flexible feedback module produces "Regeneration: from one of three taps
  • Powerful Delay section with internal modulation controls and precise mix parameters
  • Independent Dry/Wet mix control for each stereo output
  • Plug-In-only controls include internal soft peak limiter option for feedback module and noise floor control
  • Plug-In toolbar provides 32 steps of undo/redo and up to four automatable banks of settings in each instance

Universal Audio



    • Add width, depth, and character to any source with a unique analog, bucket-brigade delay circuit
    • Build rich soundscapes and unique spatial effects
    • Layer vocal tracks with highly tunable doubling and chorus effects
    • Transform ordinary mono tracks into huge, wide stereo sounds

    Universal Audio


    Universal Audio does it again

    When it comes to my favorite type of affects, I'm going to have to say it's time based effects! Delays etc. I've always had a crush on this type of effects. Knowing that they can take a sound and change it completely and space whiteness. Time is the fax when used correctly can do wonders for your audio whether they subliminal mix of both or exaggerated mix of the effect on top of the source audio. Universal Audio has once again done a a great job and we creating one of the best delay boxes on the analog market.

    The parameters, options, and room for edits and automation are simply simply amazing. It gives you many options to blend, mix, and set levels. It also gives you six independent tap buttons to allow you to taps at different Delay times this year it was originally inspired by the BMI winners EMI limiters in the rare RS 16 eight from Abbey Road Studios. It was used to track Pink Floyd and the Beatles. It has not been redesigned it has now been redesigned to work with today's type of music and style of mixing and producing.

    He has an amazing circuit in elation of this hard to find hardware including bucket-brigade-delay distortion nonlinearities. Six variable delay taps, each with independent stereo assignment. Power from the VA section with internal modulation controls and precise makes parameters, Independent dry wet mixture of Controls for each stereo output.

    Floor as always, I'm going to recommend you run over to the UA store and download the free 15 they demo, try this amazing plug-in for yourself. Don't forget to try on different sources, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, loops, and drums.

    How this has been a help for review and please don't forget to share and follow us to keep updated on free gifts and all different types of reviews.


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