“A modern compression classic with a                          unique tube/solid-state circuit.”

                                      “Universal Audio”


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Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In this blog I will be discussing UAD’s Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor plug-in


Key features

  • Authenticated by Summit Audio®, the component modeling of the plug-in faithfully captures the sound of the original hardware
  • Hybrid tube and solid state technology with straightforward easy to use controls
  • Program dependent attack and release, "Soft Knee" characteristic compressor
  • Low cut filter assignable to the Input or Detector signal path
  • Adjustable saturation
  • Built-in parallel compression
  • Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide

Universal Audio



  • Gently smooth-out vocals, bass, and acoustic guitars with an industry-standard compressor
  • Add glue and cohesion to a drum bus or an entire mix
  • Easily dial-in parallel compression on a drum bus or mix bus with the plug-in-only Wet/Dry control
  • Add harmonic richness with the Saturation control
  • Artfully craft fast transients in guitars, bass, drums, and other challenging sources
  • Apply the Low Cut Filter to the TLA-100A’s input or detector signal path for perfectly sculpted compression


Universal Audio


Universal Audio does it again

The summit TLA100A has been used for many years. Known for its ability to keep the sound source level in a very musical manner, and its transparency due to its electronics, it has found its place at home during the recording process. Also very simple to set up, just two big knobs amongst other parameters that are adjustable. t delivers ultra-smooth, tube style dynamics leveling offering a unique level of compression. It even has a realistic photo mimicking the exact face of the TLA-100A down to the brushed metal face and familiar knobs and switches. Another great feature this splug-in offers is the status bar at the bottom  giving you an exact operating db level (I love this as it lets me know where I'm at immediately). The fast and slow attack settings are also very responsive when needed, making  this plug-in a very good option for important recording sources like Vocals and many others.

And finally one of the best and amazing options this compressor plug-in features, is it's “parallel inject” switch! This feature is amazing to say the least. It allows you to blend in the compressed signal along with the dry signal, giving you very powerful options including the ability to select the amount of the compressed signal you would like to listen to on the output.

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