“Capturing “the moment” is crucial — and capturing that nspiration with the  right sound is just as important. The   new Century Tube Channel Strip plug-in hearkens back to the days before  infinite undo and decision-deferral, to a time where making records was an  immediate, visceral act of bold creativity.

With an organic tube mic preamp,  transparent dynamics control, and intuitively voiced EQ, the Century plug-in is perfect for UA Interface users, allowing you to stay in the  creative zone while you record, helping  you capture first-take magic, with  stunning results”

                                      “Universal Audio”


Hello friends,

Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In this blog I will be discussing UAD's century tube channel strip plug-in

                   “UAD's century tube channel strip plug-in”

                                      “Universal Audio”


Key features

  • Vintage-inspired channel strip made for UA Audio Interface tracking, always easy to dial and musically flattering
  • Console-inspired tube preamp with bold and musical hardware sound
  • Three-band EQ with simple high and low shelf tone control and sweepable midrange
  • Performance-inspiring single knob optical dynamics control with firm yet transparent response
  • Physical input impedance and front panel control of gain staging and other preamp parameters with Unison Mic Preamp Technology
  • Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator or UA Audio Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Universal Audio



  • Enhance and simplify your recording workflow with a first-pass tool designed for tracking vocals, guitars, synths, and more
  • Stay in the creative zone and confidently print performances with a broad stroke, "do-no-harm," vintage-style tube channel strip
  • Easily flatter your performances with a vintage-style tube mic preamp, simple three-band EQ, and optical leveler on vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and more
  • Control UA Audio Interface mic preamp gain staging and impedance directly from the Century Tube Channel Strip plug-in via Unison™ technology

Universal Audio


Universal Audio does it again

UAD's century tube channel strip plug-in comes with a high-pass frequency filter, microphone preamp, a compressor, and a master section, amongst other features. I've been using the neve 1073 unison preamp plug-ing on my UA console, but now I am curious to see what this preamp sounds like! So.. I will be running some tests and experiments to see what differences there will be frequency responses and audio coloring. Although I have been a Neve lover for many years

This channel strip is a very good option do to Real estate on UAD memory! I have an Apollo quad myself and find myself getting close to maxing out my memory. This is because I do use hi quality UAD plug-ins on my UAD Console, and in my ProTools mixer both in the mixing stage, and in my mastering chain.

Let me remind you all though, you get to steal Bill Putnam’s mic amp collection! Now there is a great steal!

UAD along with all the top players in the audio/Production industry are competing hard and working diligently to bring to us an amazing emulation of the worlds top gear both new and used. It is a major plus with today's Technology and way of working. This was not possible a few years back. We would have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase just one piece of amazing sounding gear. And even then. it's for only one instance per mix, and I'm not even going to touch the subject of instant recall, or automation capabilities we have today with all this new  plug-in technology.

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