“Get a boutique blend of classic American and British amp tones.”

                                      “Universal Audio”


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Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In this blog I will be discussing UAD's Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier Plug-in

 “The 50-watt Friedman Buxom Betty is what guitar amp fantasies are made of — a gorgeous, hand-wired single- channel amp that delivers the dynamic shimmer of American vintage tube combos as well as the comely  roar of classic British stacks.

Developed by Brainworx, and officially endorsed by             Friedman Amplifiers, the Friedman Buxom Betty                  Amplifier plug-in masterfully emulates this 50-watt,               dual EL34 jaw dropper, exclusively for UAD hardware           and UA Audio Interfaces.”

                                      “Universal Audio”


Key features

  • Exacting emulation of the original EL34-powered Buxom Betty from Friedman Amplification
  • Fully licensed by Friedman Amp founder, Dave Friedman
  • 100 Recording Chains featuring impulse responses from several boutique guitar cabinets, recorded through an array of vintage and modern microphones, and processed with high-end outboard gear before hitting Brainworx's vintage Neve VXS™ console
  • FX Rack includes host-syncable Vintage Delay unit, Noise Gate, Tight/Smooth filters, Power Soak, preamp and power amp bypass
  • Unison™ technology with UA audio interfaces models the same tonal response as plugging into the physical guitar amp

Universal Audio



  • Use your UA Interface to track through the Friedman Buxom Betty — with no latency
  • Audition 100 separate high-end recording chains, featuring multiple cabinets and classic microphones
  • Shape tones further with FX Rack’s Vintage Delay, noise gate, high/low filters, and more
  • Easily dial in dynamic, medium gain tones and snarling overdrive textures just by using your guitar's volume control

Universal Audio



Universal Audio does it again

Whether it's to track a new guitar, re-amp your current guitar, or to add an affect to an existing recorded guitar, this plug-in will do it beautifully.

The original Buxom Betty amplifier is a 50 Watt hand wired amplifier endorsed by Friedman Amplifiers and Developed by Brainworx. This little valve monster will produce everything you will ever need! From a Picking funk sound to a power British distortion rock sound, all from a plug-in. With an original price point of $2,699.99, the $149 Price tag for this plug-in makes it an amazing deal for an almost unlimited amount of instances with any mix you are working on. Another cool feature is its capacity of letting you various tone via your volume control on your guitar.

“One huge benefit of making an amplifier like this is  that it works really well with a wide range of different pedals. So if you love to get a lot of your  tone from pedals something like the Buxom Betty not  only sounds great on its own but also with whatever  pedals you can throw in the front end.”

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