New Prism Sound Over-Killers 18 dBu In-Line XLR Barrel Limiter (Pair)

Sale price$329.00


The Prism Sound Over-Killers are in-line XLR barrel limiters designed to maximize analog-to-digital recording levels for recording, mixing, and mastering engineers in home, project, and commercial studios. Shipped as a pair, they can be used for mono signals such as vocals, kick, and snare, or on stereo sources such as stems and mixes. Each Over-Killer features an integrated soft-clip circuit that limits the analog signal to +18 dBu, allowing you to obtain a stronger average level without clipping your A/D converter. The XLR 3-pin female input and XLR 3-pin male output provide industry-standard connectivity for balanced analog audio devices.

  • Allows increased level on your digital recording by limiting the level of a balanced analog signal to +18 dBu
  • Soft-clip circuit remains soft even when large overloads are present
  • Clip level is set so that peak modulation is kept near the nominal maximum level
  • Enables A/D converters to be driven harder

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