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Key features

  • Exacting emulation of the Dangerous Music BAX mastering-grade analog EQ
  • Based on Peter Baxandall's legendary 1950s EQ
  • Modeled exactly after the original Dangerous design, schematics and hardware
  • Broad Q Shelving for a natural, open character
  • "Mix" version, single set of controls, can be used on mono, stereo, and multi-mono sources
  • "Master" version with dual-mono controls and additional M/S (mid/side) mode for extended mastering possibilities (the hardware doesn´t have the M/S mode built-in)
  • Linked controls mode (Master version only)
  • Additional Output Trim (uncolored gain)
  • Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Universal Audio



    • Apply sweet, musical EQ tweaks based on Peter Baxandall's legendary 1950s EQ circuitry
    • Rid your mix of unwanted subsonic frequencies, cleaning up the low-end and increasing your headroom
    • Tame high-end harshness while simultaneously opening up your mixes with air and transparency
    • Enhance stereo imagery and depth with Mid/Side function on stereo “Master” version

    Universal Audio


      Universal Audio does it again

      In the box, or out of the box? This question has evolved in many conversations!…

      • Was it mixed in the box or out-of-the-box?
      • Should I mix it in the box or out-of-the-box?
      • Does it sound better mixed in the box or out-of-the-box?

      These are just some of the questions that seem to come up when when we speak about summing boxes/interfaces like the Dangerous 2-bus designed by Dangerous Music. This is probably the most popular one on the market. One of their interfaces is designed to receive 8 mono Stems or 4 stereo. The purpose of this box is to get your mix prepared and ready within your computer, when you're ready to bounce, you play all the audio out either 8 mono outputs or 4 stereo outputs, feeding those stems into the Dangerous 2-bus. Then on the dangers to bless you suck mix the eight or four steps, and then bounce t disk.

      The Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection is a powerful tool for shaping and enhancing the tonality and  character of your music. Designed as a “finishing EQ,”  the BAX EQ Collection is an authentic plug-in  emulation of this studio staple for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces

      I personally do not have any experience on the actual interface, but I have heard great things about it from fellow engineers that use it and swear by it.

      I however prefer to stay in the box simply because of

      • The convenience of being able to go back and changing and a parameter within the mix and rebalance
      • No recall on the interface, the knobs are Rotary analog
      • Less cabling
      • I also prefer the option of doing my own mastering within the box, giving me the flexibility of adding or taking away plug-ins on the master Fade.
      • There are a lot of articles, arguments, and comparisons of such boxes! summing boxes are a great tool. But used incorrectly, and it will ruin your overall sound. One of the most important things is to have have a keen year year year, and the ability to recognize low distortion
      • Again as I always recommend, go ahead and download the free 15 day demo and experiment with it yourself on all year on some of your productions.


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