“Warm, crazy, and hazy delays from the most popular tape echo ever made”

                                      *Universal Audio


Hello friends,

Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In this blog I will be discussing UAD’s EP-34 Tape Echo plug-in.


Key features

  • Highly desirable sound of original EP-3 and EP-4 Echoplex* tape delay units, now available as a UAD-2 plug-in for Mac or PC
  • Tape echo effects virtually indistinguishable from those used on countless classic recordings of the past six decades
  • Unique movable record head design creates warm, rich sound unlike any other delay unit
  • Provides a range of tones, from simple slap effects to self-oscillation chaos
  • Amalgam of features from EP-3 and EP-4 hardware units, plus "digital only" extras for modern mix use
  • Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Universal Audio



    • Craft hazy delays and vibey slapback with the most legendary tape delay ever made
    • Tweak the EP-34 Tape Echo’s controls for real-time effects and tone sculpting
    • Harness a vintage Echoplex’s unique input clipping distortion on everything from drums to vocals and guitars
    • Create with plug-in-only features like Tempo Sync, Wet/Solo, Pan, and Tape Tension

    Universal Audio


      Universal Audio does it again

      If you really are curious and would like to know what this plug-in is about? I can only recommend that you watch the video on the Universal Audio website. It is amazing! This plug-in creates the most incredible sounding delay effects, amongst others. You will literally sit there for hours experimenting with the amazing presets and all the parameters it provides.

      Created with the Echoplex EP3 and EP4 in mind, Universal Audio week. It's amazing delay plugging. It creates its sounds by   electronically re-creating loop effects and simulating delays as a tape based head unit.

      Record Volume control allows the input stage to be overdriven, while the Repeats knob goes from single repeats through all the normal flavours of echo to dub‑style feedback. You can adjust the delay time during performance to get a pitch‑slurring effect, just as with the real thing, and there's basic treble and bass EQ for the delayed sound. So accurate is the emulation that it even reproduces the Echoplex's 'squelch' effect when using high levels of feedback with low‑pitched sounds, heard as breaks in the self‑oscillation pattern as the circuitry gasps for air!

      As usual, Universal Audio's designers have added a few concessions to the modern era including tempo sync, 'input level select' and tape tension, these last affecting the tonality and speed‑change characteristics of the delays. For use in an aux send loop, the Wet switch mutes the dry signal, while Echo Send On/Off mutes the signal sent to the delay section. You can automate this to add delay to specific phrases.

                                        Sound on sound

      As usual I will recommend for you to download the free 15 day demo and applied to some audios that you may have in your arsenal samples and wave files. This could be that magic to that you need for your plug-in folder. Thank you once again for reading our blog and always remember you can get discount coupons and free stuff by following us.


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