“These mic emulations not only nail the  classic timbres of iconic mics used by Bill Putnam to track Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, and more, they also faithfully model the transient response,  harmonics, proximity effect and three-  imensional polar response of the original mics”

                                      *Universal Audio


Hello friends,

Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In this blog I will be discussing UAD’s BILL PUTNAM MIC COLLECTION PLUG-IN.


     “Rare, iconic mics for the Sphere L22 microphone”


Key features

  • Accurate emulations of vintage microphones from Bill Putnam’s legendary collection, including mics from Neumann, Sony, AKG, RCA, and more
  • Realtime UAD Processing with Universal Audio’s Apollo interface for near-zero latency
  • Polar pattern modeling for the three-dimensional response of target microphones, polar patterns, and other off-axis characteristics of vintage microphones
  • Re-Mic Sphere tracks and select mic type, polar pattern, and other settings before or after tracking
  • Adjustable proximity effect for tweaking bass response
  • Simultaneous mic models for phase coherent mixing of multiple virtual mic models from the same physical microphone before or after tracking

Included Mic Models

  • BP-251E
  • The BP-251E model is based on a classic Austrian made microphone built for export to the US which has a 6072 tube and an original fully brass capsule.
  • The 251 is one of the rarest and most highly regarded microphones of all time. It is the go to vocal mic for many A-list artists, including Beyoncé.
  • BP-251A
  • The BP-251A model is based on a classic Austrian made microphone which has an AC701k tube and an original fully brass capsule.
  • BP-47M
  • Created in 1947, the U 47 has stood the test of time as the ultimate studio mic. The BP-47M model is based on one of Bill Putnam's 47s, with an M7 capsule and features a slightly warmer sound.
  • BP-67
  • The 67 is a unique and wonderful mic that tends toward warm, yet without sounding dull. It really shines on distorted guitar amps where it can reduce harshness while maintaining detail.
  • The LD-67 model is based on a mid-1960s version with an EF86 tube. The particular 67 modeled is slightly warmer sounding than other 67s.
  • The high-pass filter and pad switch settings are fully modeled. In many older microphones the pad switch, in addition to lowering gain, can change the frequency response and overall sound considerably. Filter position 1 models the high-pass switch. Position 2 models the pad switch. Position 3 models the case when both high-pass and pad are enabled.
  • BP-12a
  • The BP-12a model is based on an early '60s C12A microphone, which has been put to good use recording vocals for Geddy Lee, David Bowie and many others.
  • Under the hood the C12A is much like the legendary C12 but with a 7586 nuvistor tube. It still uses the same CK12 capsule which is a big part of the sound. On the outside, the body style changed from the classic C12 cylinder to a variant of the 414. Audibly, the end result of these changes is a little less sparkle and a more warmth than its predecessor.
  • BP-37A
  • The C-37A was released in 1955 and uses a 6AU6 tube. It's known for a darker sound which can be good for taming sibilance and harsh high-end. The mic has been used by countless artists, including Frank Sinatra. It's also often a good choice for snare or tom miking.
  • The 37 supports non-directional (omni) and uni-directional (cardioid) patterns which are both included in the BP-37A model. On the original the pattern is adjusted by mechanically moving vents on the back of the capsule using a slot on the back of the mic, which is unusual.
  • The mic has a 4-position high-pass filter which is mapped to the plug-in's Filter knob. The M (Music) position is essentially flat and the M1 (Music 1), V1 (Voice 1) and V2 (Voice 2) settings providing progressively more bass attenuation.
  • BP-405
  • Some might argue the 405 is a highly underrated microphone. It has been used on countless hit records, including as the overhead drum mics on The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations." It was one of the first solid state microphones and is also unique in that it uses radio-frequency technology to interface with the capsule.
  • With the BP-405 model, when the pattern control is set to omni then the model is based on the omnidirectional 105 microphone, which is in the same product family as the 405. When set to cardioid the model is based on the 405 which has a native cardioid pattern
  • BP-44BX
  • The RCA 44 is visually and audibly one of the most iconic microphones of all time. In the 1930s and 40s it became a staple of broadcast and studio recording. Radio Corporation of America (RCA) developed the 44, in part, because they needed microphones for their own broadcast operations. Countless legendary artists have recorded with the 44, including
  • Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley. Bill Putnam often used the 44 to record pianos.
  • The BP-44 model is based on a 44BX mic which has a slightly higher output level than previous versions. The original 44 has a fixed figure-8 polar pattern which results in a very warm sound due to the exaggerated proximity effect. To obtain the most accurate modeling set pattern control to figure-8.
  • BP-545
  • The 545 is a predecessor to the SM57 which was the first mic to use Unidyne III capsule. The 545 is one of the first handheld end-address dynamic microphones and has a more uniform polar pattern than its predecessors.
  • The 545 was used extensively on Pet Sounds, including Brian Wilson's lead vocal, and countless other recordings of that era. Also, the 545 (and the 565 variant) were used extensively to record performances at Woodstock.

Universal Audio



  • Record and monitor with Bill Putnam’s legendary microphone collection in real time using UA audio interfaces
  • Track through Bill Putnam's hand-picked mics, including icons from Neumann, RCA, AKG, and more*
  • Change the proximity effect in real time and after the recording, in order to match a vocal take
  • Adjust the polar pattern and other parameters to reduce bleed, room coloration, and feedback, before or after tracking

Universal Audio


    Universal Audio does it again

    Bill Putnam Sr., founder of UA, an American audio engineer, songwriter, producer, studio designer and businessman, was considered "the father of modern recording".

    He invented the modern recording console and is now recognized as a key figure in the development of the postwar commercial recording industry.

    Former colleague Bruce Swedien described Putnam's achievements thus:

    "Bill Putnam was the father of recording as we know it today. The processes and designs which we take for granted — the design of modern recording desks, the way components are laid out and the way they function, console design, cue sends, multitrack switching — they all originated in Bill's imagination."

    And now Universal gives us yes!

    A Collection of Priceless mics for the Sphere L22.

    The Bill Putnam Mic Collection plug-in expands the capabilities of the microphone system “Sphere L22” with exact emulations of priceless vintage microphones right out of Bill Putnam Senior’s mic locker.

    This collection, allows you to record using the same exact tonal characteristics of the actual microphones used by Bill Putnam in his recording's of famous artists such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, the Beach Boys, to name a few.

    Once again my friends as always I can only recommend you download the free demo at Universal Audio and try out this amazing plug-in. With an emulation and likeness of this magnitude, the results have to be amazing.

    Thank you friends once again for reading our blog and please remember to subscribe and visit our website @(scitscat).com for   great pricing, availability, any other cool surprises..



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