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Hello friends,

Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In this blog I will be discussing UAD’s bx_masterdesk by Brainworx plug-in.



Key features

  • A simple to use, all-in-one mastering chain
  • Four types of compressor circuits
  • Simple, powerful EQ "tonestack" style EQ
  • Brainwork’s acclaimed M/S processing, Mono Maker, and Stereo Enhance features

Universal Audio



  • Master your mixes quickly and easily with professional-sounding results
  • Easily sculpt masters with the powerful Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence EQ
  • Select from four compressor modes and effortlessly dial in the proper compression characteristics
  • Use Brainwork’s acclaimed M/S processing to tweak the stereo image with the Mono Maker and Stereo Enhance features

Universal Audio


Universal Audio does it again

Designed by the BX mastering engineers, the idea was to enhance and simplify the painstaking task of mastering into a much easier and quicker process.

It's simple, you insert it on your master channel, adjust the gain stages to get the desired dynamic range, set the foundation of your track, and finally adjust the tone stack (eq preferences), Shazam! Great results with ease. For those of you who like to dig in, you can go in and tweak all the parameters giving you powerful options along with an amazing mastering sound.

The plug in features a clearly defined and intuitive pre-tuned process along with an amazing simple workflow, making the mastering process extremely easy.

This is a simple, quick, and accurate plug in easily set up for effective use. You can easily acquire a perfect level and compression setting to dial in the right tone for your mix.

Engineers, musicians and producers, will be right at home with this wagon plug in

They also created,

- carefully crafted pre-sets

- clear intuitive metering

- New M/S Stereo Enhancer for amazing width and tone 

All this in a Single High end analog mastering chain in a single plugin!

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