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Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In this blog I will be discussing UAD’s elysia alpha compressor by Brainworx plug-in.

 “Designed by Brainworx, the elysia• alpha compressor Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces is a  faithful emulation of the powerful, ultra-high-end, Class-A  hardware used for mixing and mastering.

Fetching over $10,000 new, the alpha compressor is nearly          unmatched amongst dynamics processors for its openness and         clarity. Authenticated by elysia GmbH, the elysia alpha        compressor Plug-In Collection features painstaking             component modeling to capture the sound of the original        hardware.”

                               Universal Audio


Key features

  • 00% discrete Class-A sound authenticated by elysia• GmbH
  • Integrated M/S (mid/side) Matrix:
  • Feed Forward and Feedback-type compression for each channel
  • Auto Fast control for semi-automation of attack/release features
  • Niveau Audio Filter
  • Mix control for easy parallel compression
  • Signal Matrix for monitoring the direct and the processed signal
  • Soft Clip Limiter for taming short and loud transients and smoothing signal peaks

Universal Audio




  • Mix and master your recordings with a faithful emulation of one of the world’s most powerful compressors
  • Rebalance completed mixes with frequency-targeted dynamics controls and M/S processing
  • Harness the Feed Forward and Auto Fast controls to accentuate a drum bus with unparalleled sonic options
  • Use the Warm and Soft Clip features to add analog polish and elegantly finish off your mixes and masters

Universal Audio


Universal Audio does it again

Yes, this is truly a gem! Im actually mastering a few of my clients material as I'm writing this blog, and have been using this amazing mastering compressor. I must say, I am extremely impressed, overwhelmed, and amazed at the quality, sound, and ease of use of this plug in for the purpose of mastering.

I had actually seen one in use in a mastering session I was in many years ago. It immediately caught my eye do to how pretty it looks. But then I concentrated on the affects of its compression and what it was doing to the mastering session, and I immediately fell in love with what I was hearing. I went head and asked the mastering engineer how much the unit cost, and when he replied $10,000, I almost lost it. And yes folks, it actually does cost $10,000.

So, no need to say, that at $299, if it does what the original hardware peace does, and in a very similar way, this is an amazing deal. Not only does it do stereo master compression, but it also, M/S compression.

I also played around with the presets and they are very good, great starting points! I actually ended up using some of their presents presets and ended up not even modifying them.

So, I'm definitely going to recommend you do download this free demo for 15 days and give it a whirl. If not for mastering use it on general situations for mastering drums, bass, Vocals and anything else you want to throw it out and I'm sure you two will be blown away.

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