“Vicious modern distortion combined with huge clean tones”

                                      “Universal Audio”


Hello friends,

Thank you for checking out our Weekly blog.In UAD’s Diezel Herbert Amplifier plug-in.


Key features

  • Exacting emulation of the original Diezel Herbert 180-watt guitar amp
  • Endorsed and fully authenticated by Peter Diezel
  • 120 Recording Chains with multiple speaker cabinets – recorded in Brainworx´s studio using the NEVE VXS72 console, stellar outboard gear and world class microphones
  • FX Rack features Vintage Delay, noise gate, filter controls, internal power soak, and pre– and post-amp bypass
  • Feels like a real amp when played through UA Audio Interface's Realtime UAD Processing
  • Physical input impedance and hands-on control of Gain staging with Unison technology

Universal Audio



  • Use your UA Interface to track through the Diezel Herbert — with no latency
  • Audition 120 separate high-end recording chains, featuring multiple cabinets and classic microphones
  • Shape tones further with FX Rack’s Vintage Delay, noise gate, high/low filters, and more
  • Easily dial in god-like clean tones, manicured medium gain, and all out assault with a state-of-the art tone machine

                                  Universal Audio


Universal Audio does it again

Hard, clean, modern, and distortion, are the keywords here!

Created and designed by Brainworx, and officially endorsed by legendary amp builder Peter Diezel, the Diezel Herbert amplifier plug-in is a Monster 180 Watt guitar amp plug-in emulator.

While emulating a six KT77-equipped sledgehammer, this monster delivers a mean/clean pulverized electric guitar tone amongst others.

Always keep in mind that the wrong amp can do more harm and frustration than good. That's why it is important to know what guitar amp head you should be using to record your guitar tracks. For those of you who are not familiar or do not often record heavy distortion/modern rock guitars for productions, this plug-in is a no brainer! Just insert as a unison plug-in, (only for universal audio interfaces), do a little A/B referencing, and bingo… you’re in. That simple! No guessing, and no danger of using and printing a wrong modern guitar amp sound.

Introduced over 20 years ago, this beast is still considered current, and and still is one of the main sought after amp head for modern rock guitarists.

The plug-in includes the Brainworx FX Rack allowing you to work with the effects that Brainworx is so well known for delivering. Beware though, an original Diezel Herbert Amplifier head will dent your pocket anywhere between $2000 - $3500.. Ouch!



Diezel's Herbert amplifier is a 180-watt pulverizer designed to deliver the meanest of means, the cleanest of cleans — and more. Still considered state-of-the art, nearly 20 years after its release, the Diezel Herbert is a mainstay in heavy rock, and extreme metal productions — anywhere bold, powerful electric guitar tones are required.

Developed by Brainworx, and officially endorsed by legendary amp builder Peter Diezel, the Diezel Herbert plug-in masterfully emulates this six KT77-equipped sledgehammer……

                       “Universal Audio”


So… need I say that at $149 for this UAD unison plug-in, this plug-in is a steal! and a heck of a deal. And if you're concerned about purchasing something you may not have any use for, go to the Universal Audio website and download the seven day demo and experience it for yourself. This could be one of those handy tools that you have hidden in your arsenal which may save the day during that one crazy guitar tracking session.

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